Day 01: October 30th 2013 – I’m back in the U.S.A.!

This is Phil writing, I’m back in America after two brilliant flights from England, the 7hrs 20mins from Manchester to Philadelphia being amazingly smooth the entire way, and the second 1hr 20mins from Philadelphia to Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina being more interesting than usual because I had a passenger beside me talking about lots of things of mutual interest herunterladen ganzer film legal.

Here’s Rick’s first sight of me arriving at Raleigh-Durham airport:


I had landed at road traffic rush hour, about 5.30pm, and I’d expected to be exhausted, which I certainly was despite the smooth flights, so rather than face an hour and a half of hectic traffic to Rick’s home in Winston-Salem we had booked to stay in the airport Holiday Inn download commerzbank photo app.


Rick took some pics of me in the hotel car park with the fall colors as the backdrop kostenlose musik downloaden iphone. It was reassuringly warm weather for my arrival, about 77F/25C, warm enough for short sleeves which I hadn’t optimistically packed, so I rolled my shirt sleeves up to feel the desired effect herunterladen. Wonderful colors in the trees in the late afternoon sun, aren’t they?


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